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  • Opusmodus & VSL

    Made in Opusmodus - Algorithmic avant garde improvisation for tenor saxophone, piano, bass and drums.

    VSL/Matrix/72 Tenor Sax/Matrix - LEVEL 1/L1 SX-Te Articulation Combi
    Vienna Imperial
    VSL/Matrix/150 Upright/02 Short and long Notes/sta
    VSL, 88 Jazz Drumset


  • This seems to be very if not really exciting interesting - perhaps because I simply do not understand very much of what exactly opusmodus does.

    What exactly does opus modus? does it produce Mididata to be load in any Sequencer like Cubase etc. or is it itself kind of a script-programmed sequencer or script based per algorithms automated notation software?

    What exactly does the algorithm do for the composer, how can the composer make the decision which make the output/result in any way musical reasonable??

    - I have also listened to other opus modus Audios on the opus modus site: The more the musical language come near to the 20th century avantgarde the more convincing it sounds as it does in the DADA-Free-Jazz Audio.

    The more conventional the musical language is, the more i feel that there is a more or less  remarkabke lack of details of the instrumental performance and estabnlished syntax of classical musical interpretation. Sounding in the worst cases nearly like raw "Midi-files" which seems to me not really on the level of available samplelibraries which like VSL are able to give so much more details of musical reasonable interpretation.

    In so far it is very interesting to combine VSL and opus modus, meanwhile I would guess ther still is very much to be done to reasonably use the musical potential of high-end Samplelibraries at their best together with Opus modus.

    - Is it true that opus modus is really still one of the few software products only available for Mac? If it would be developed 20 years ago this might have had perhaps one or another reason. but not to provide a windowsversion today ( in the time of intel driven Mac's) seem to me really hard to understand.   

    However since I recently talked to some guys working on algorithmic composition tools so I am very curios to learn about what Opus modus might contribute to modern digital music production. 

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