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  • Help on Logic and VEP Server instance/track routing

    Dear forum,

    I have a question concerning setting up a Logic project with VEP as follows:

    I have created a VEP instance for strings; in it, I have created 5 channels, and on each channel i have instantiated a   Kontakt plug-in. Within each of those Kontakt plugins, I have several different sounds, each with their own MIDI channel. The VEP mixer looks like (see attachment).

    In Logic, if I set up a number of "Inst 1" (software instrument 1) tracks, each with different MIDI channels, they all point to the Kontakt instrments in VEP instrument channel 1 (which contains one ontakt with several different sounds).
    But I cannot for the life of me find out how to create a track in Logic that points to the OTHER VEP instrument channels within that instance!

    If I create a second software instrument track in Logic (Inst 2), then I need to instantiate a new VEP plugin on that track, and connect to a new VEP instance!

    What I want though is only have ONE instance in VEP, filled with several instrument channels, and each of those channels hosts a multi timbral Kontakt.

    Any ideas?


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    Hello jangrenner,

    You are pointing at the MIDI PORTS, the MIDI CHANNELS are the field next to it.

    Logic / AU plug-ins only offers one MIDI Port for each plug-in only, whereas other sequencers offer more than one MIDI Port.

    My suggestion is to watch the short video tutorials for all setup-related questions.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL