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  • articulation related changes to matrix scale 12 tone and just intonation


    In a piece for Bass Tuba and Flügelhorn I made, the scale changes frequently for notably the Bass Tuba, but occasionally also for the Flügelhorn, from just intonation (intended) to 12 tone, depending the articulation played, and which is evoked by Cubase 9 Pro expression maps. The maps and the matrices and presets are made by me. I do not have absolute pitch hearing, and do not notice the change in sound, but it appears a bit odd to me. Is it intended during preparation and selection of the articulation used for the VI articulation, or are my expression maps giving spurious commands ? In short, must I scrutinize the maps (made using a home build suite of VB scripts) ? I have not read about this behaviour before,



  • I have no clue what you're saying

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    The "Matrix-scale"-Feature of VI is as its name already indicates related to a whole matrix. I wonder how ever you think you automated the change of the scale selected for a certain matrx. I prsonally have no Idea how to automate the change of a scale itself especially via expression maps which might be OK for basic Articulationchanges, but seem to me very limited when it comes to more complex midiautomation.

    Since on th other hand the structure of VI is meant to make it easy to automate the change of matrices I would suggest, it would be presumably much easier, to setup seperate matrices with the same sample content, but the different scale-tunings you need. You can also setup seperate VI-Instances for each Scale of each scalechanging Instruments.(That is at least what I have done with my recording of Ligetis-Horntrio, where he demands the Horn-plaayer should change between 12-tone and Just-intonations from every of the 12 possible Root.)

    However I would not expect any extrem mindblowing effects from changeging the scaletype. As Far as I worked with it, it is most interesting to adapt the VSL-Sample to Instruments in historic tunings, which would simply sound always a bit weird without adapting the scale.

  • Thanks for the reply. It was not intended to change the tunings, it happened. But, with your remark on the tuning affecting the matrices, I went through all of 'm and found they were all initially on the 12 tone scale, but was not set on that scale by me on purpose (maybe it was a default, when making a new matrix). On playback, with articulations from the various matrices, the changing of the tuning happened. Based on your remarks I changed the tuning of all matrices to just intonation, and now they stay that way during playback. Don't ask me how this happened it all just did,