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  • Synchron percusion

    Hi, i have SP since 3 Months, but i couldn get it to work so far.

    i am not sure what to expect in VSL instrument, or if it is another instrument player...

    how to install?

    i have folders with many viframe64 files.... what to do with them?





  • Put them into the Folder VSL Custom Data (where ever it is located on your computer). they are Templatefiles how the microphonepositions could be loaded in VE. Since Synchron-Series is recorded with a lot microphone positions this organizes them for you in the most detailed and most efficient way.

    If you dont find anything else but this you have perhaps not yet downloaded the library itself. Given that you hve already downloaded and installed the VSL-Download manager you should (When you are loged in this VSL-Website), to MyVSL than MyDownbloads chose Library Downloads and download all Libraries beginning with SY. Whenever the download manager has downloaded anything he should either install it or ask you to do so. Every library installed should appeare in the Library/Sample-Browser of yout VI when you open it next. 

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    These Video Tutorials should also help with every step.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL