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  • Softube Modular with VEP6 Server

    I've been familiarising myself with 64bit Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 server and running Softube Modular.

    I'm having trouble browsing the Softube Modular presets as Presets the drop-down dialog fills the entire screen, and only displays a portion of the full list without being able to scroll the view - I can still navigate to presets off the screen, I just can't see them so it becomes guesswork.

    Behaves the same way docked or undocked.

    Is there a way around this?

  • Welcome compuphonic, 

    Which platform are you working on, and which version of VE PRO?

    Unfortunately there is indeed a display bug with very long preset lists, which is caused by a bug in one of our development tools (Qt), but I hope that this will be solved with one of their future updates. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for replying.

    I'm experiencing this on Windows 10 with ViennaEnsemblePro-WIN-6.0.16419, although first noticed this with the update prior to this.

    I don't have the same issue when using a Mac as a slave (tested on HIgh Sierra) - preset browsing is a bit cumbersome (can be slow to scroll a long list), but it does work ok.

    The slave system is then feeding back into the most recent version of Ableton (VST) or Logic X (AU), depending on what I'm using at the time and has been working well otherwise.

    I was investigating if I could send Bank & Program change messages from the DAW to the slave, but haven't managed to figure out if this is possible.