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  • Playback trouble with Kontakt 5.7



    Just installed Kontakt 5.7 and now VEP woun´t playback with Latency Compensation on in Logic.

    It seems like all the midi data gets "stuck" and only released upon stopping playback (like an avanlance of notes).

    I have even tried to remove all potetial latency causing plugins from VEP, without anything happen.

    Of course all playback is "happening" when I disable plug in comp (in Logic) but then the VEP instruments are not in sync with the Logic tracks (as they were before).

    I run a bunch of UAD plugins in VEP, but, as it doesn´t work when I remove them, they are not the culprit.

  • Reinstalled Kontakt 5.6.6. Still a problem.

  • Solution:

    My VEP setup has 11 stereo outs. The problem (described in italics below) was in a Logic project with 11 stereo ins.

    In a similar setup with only 6 ins this was not a problem.

    However, when I sat the outputs in VEPs prefs from 32 to 22 it all worked out.

    Itś ok for me, but you may want to look in to this.