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  • Kontakt hosted in VEP

    HI All,

    Not made the jump to VEP 6 yet as there seems to be some teething problems so have stuck with VEP 5. If possible could someone comment on how best to setup Kontakt 5 within VEP 5? I'm trying to find the best workflow with VEP 5 on the Mac Pro 1,1 (Upgraded dual 3Ghz CPU) connecting to Mac Pro 5,1 12 core 3.46 Ghz running Cubase Pro 9.

    In Kontakt i currently have MultiProcessor Support 'Off' as i know from previous experience when running it in Cubase Pro, that the host CPU performance suffers. Also i have the Instrument preload buffer option activated with a 30kb setting. Should i also set VEP to the highest number of threads per instance (8) with VEP vst set at 4 buffers? The reason i ask is that VEP 5 is showing very high CPU usage of around 80% when only running a piano and a string quartet mock up.  Should ad that i've tried a number of different combinations and this seems to stress the CPU the least but it still seems very high?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Mac Dude, 

    Yes, Multi Processor Support in Kontakt should be off, VE PRO is taking care of this. I'd start with all threads per instance assigned in the VE PRO Prefs, and if necessary with multiple instances, try lower settings to see the effect.

    We do not have a Mac 1,1 anywhere, so maybe someone else can chime in here with their experience. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • HI Paul

    Thank you for your reply and advice. I'll give that a try today and report back.