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  • Hyperthreading Properly?

    How can I tell if a new install is hyperthreading correctly? In Windows 7 Task Manager under the Performance tab, it looks as if every other core is being used. In other words, one CPU box shows activity and the next is null, and so on.


    Does this mean that VE Pro is only using half the amount of cores available? I have selected all cores to be used, but it's only showing half of them actually working.


    Under other stress tests, all cores seem to light up. Just wondering if this is normal behavior or if there's a setting I'm missing...

  • I don't know the answer to your question, but I have actually found better performance by not using hyperthreading...even though CPU monitor appears to show it is performing better based on % utilization. Interestingly, I get more artifacts with hyperthreading enabled.