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  • Vienna Ensemble (32 Out)??

    Hello all, 

    About 2 weeks ago I installed Vienna special edition vol 1 and 2 as provided by my school. However, in my DAW, when I choose the VSL it appears as Vienna Ensemble (32 out) stereo and mono instead of just Vienna Ensemble stereo. This has caused issues because other computers don't recognise my DAW file saying something like 'can't find Vienna Ensemble (32 out) and my computer has the same Vienna Ensemble installed as the school's computers. 

    Please advise,


  • You should be able to set the amount of VE-Port in the VE-Preferences. If the School-Daw also has VE installed but set pehaps less much Ports than you need in your Project, It should be possible to raise the amounts of ports in the Preferences in the VE of your School-Daw to load your project as it does on your own DAW.