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  • Using VEP as Online-Server


    This might sound like a stupid idea (maybe someone had it before, couldn't find anything about it), but is it possible to set up VEP as an online server? And is it rational?

    Why would you do that?
    When I compose in Dorico while traveling, there is no way my Laptop could handle a full Orchestra Setup. If I could setup my VEP on my PC (online with 50MBit/10Mbit) with all my sample liebrarys, I could route the Dorico playback of Dorico over the internet (MIDI Date is not that big, so there shouldn't be any output issues), and then route back all the VEP Outputs to my Laptop (to reduce the needed data, the audio should already be mixed down). With this solution, I could use my Samples wherever I am (as long I have good WiFi). Delays wouldn't be a problem, as all the mixing will be done on the Server-side.

    My questions about this:
    Does VEP support connections via internet?
    Is it possible to premix all the audio-signals before sending them back to the client?
    Does the purchase of VEP enable the use of two computers, if they are not in the same local network?

    Thank you in advance!