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  • Pierlala on Youtube

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    Hi All,

    Here's another visualisation, this time of

    Pierlala Again...

    Not that this is really necessary, but for some it might help to understand about the Belgian history and how Pierlala should have influenced it... Since he is/was a fictive persion, you shouldn't believe too much of it. 😉



  • I think the video added a lot to the piece. I had never heard of this legend, and was glad to learn of it. 

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for listening.

    There are many such characters in Europe, like Tijl Uilenspiegel (Til Espiègle, Til Eulenspiegel...), Pierlala, Don Quichote (Don Quixote)...

    They're all fictive, but tend to have lived a real life. That's what people believe anyway. A lot of villages and towns even claim to be the birth place of them. In reality, they are the product of people's imagination and spirit. They are some kind of metaphor for what people think, wish, feel about (political ) situations. An incarnation of wishful thinking...


  • I fully concur with Paul.  The visual imagery enhances the beauty of your stellar score, and allows one to escape in the music.  Further, you are bringing historical subject matter to life for those that may otherwise have no idea about it (like me!)  Congrats on taking the time and initiative to put this together!  


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