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  • Re-mixed/mastered Cartoon Classic by David Carovillano

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    Hope you'll take a moment to check out this fun, cartoon-inspired orchestral piece I recently wrote!
    Cartoon Classic by David Carovillano - CLICK TO PLAY

  • Just lovely, Dave.

    Music can be funny, even without images. Well done! (The recording might benefit from a bit more presence...)


    An many congratulation to Becky, yourself and little Eve! Time to write lullabies and soothing music now...

  • Thanks, Max.  I woke up one morning and wrote this simply because I realized I had never done anything in the old "Warner Bros" cartoon tradition.  I forced myself to get it done in one day (pretending that somehow I was being hired to score a scene from an animated show).  I'm happy to say that I did it just in a daw (no score) in 6 hours, allowing an hour to re-hinge my backyard shed doors because the parts arrived that morning :) lol


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    As I explained in the Appalachian Adventure thread, here is an updated re-mastered version of my Cartoon Classic orchestra piece. Hope you'll enjoy!

    Cartoon Classic - PLAY


  • Hi Dave,

    This is definitely a lot better. The sound effects do work now as they should in a cartoon. Wonderfully done!


  • Thanks, Max. Always nice to receive your feedback. I'm still embarrassed by our mono mix down snafu, which was affecting all the music I placed on my site. Lucky for me, nobody likely is visiting it and listening, so no harm done :) lol Dave

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