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  • Setting a mac slave with a pc master

    Hi all,

    I am loosing my mind trying setting up a network mac slave pc master. I can connect the 2 computers easely and they recognize each other since the begining, the midi works well everything loads correctly but when I play an instrument on the slave ,it gets occasional audio drop offs- no sound which makes the set up useless, very frustrating.

    Mac and pc have no firewall, using on both sides 1 gbps full duplex ethernet conection , static ip (PC) ( MAC ) , same subnet, same vep version number 64 bit server , no wifi in no machine, ethernet port for internet cable disabled on mac, tried direct connection with cat 5 cable , cat 6 cable, cat 6 cable crossover, bought a switch connect just the 2 computers to the switch. Changed buffer size in pro tools 128, 256 512 ,tried vep 6 on a partition whith os 10.12 sierra same problem, so came back to os 10.8.5 , windows 10 by the way for pc .What I am doing wrong ? I couldn't manage to eliminate that problem , i have been using vep for 5 years in a single machine configuration very succesfully but here i am left with no clue.

    Thanks for your help