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  • The choice between two older computers as slave


    I recently took over two older slave-computers. As the situation is now, I only have licences to make use of one of them. I could potentially use both, but I don't feel like putting up the money for another win 10 pro + vienna ensemble licence-pack because I don't really think I have enough libraries to actually make use of both of them. I run a pretty powerful iMac as my master and a brand new fully specced MBP as Slave (or master when I'm on the run).

    Spec on PC1:
    Dual CPU Intel Xeon E5410 (Harpertown) @2,33Ghz (2x 4 cores) - 36GB FB-DDR2 RAM @333Mhz

    Specs on PC2:

    Single CPU Intel Core i7 920 (Bloomfield) @2,67Ghz (4 cores, 8 threads) - 24GB DDR3 RAM @667Mhz


    I have a combination of a few SSD's and a PCIe-card with an M.2 disk I will install on the one I end up with using.

    As they are now, PC1 is a lot faster when I do simple actions like browse the web, but it's previous owner never had it connected to the internet. PC2 is a bit sluggish to use, but I'm going to re-format and do a fresh install of win 10 pro anyway, so those things might be solved that way. On paper, the Xenon is a little bit older and "slower" (let's face it, none of them have 2017-specs), but it has "more". I imagine it might be a close race, but who would you have chosen and why?