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  • Vienna Ensemble not working anymore with Sibelius 8.6.1


    From this morning VE doesn't work anymore with Sibelius.

    The instance opens, but there is no sound at all (wether I use the core audio of my Mac or my Motu 828 MK3 hybrid, which by the way I reinstalled this morning, just like I reinstalled VIP).

    I should add that, following this problem, when I open VIP (I have VIP but do not use VEP, only VE) there is no sound either.

    Any hint of what this problem could be? I didn't change anything, except I made a maintenance update of Cubase yesterday. Could that be in relation with this?

    I'm also on a trial with Steinberg notation software Dorico these days, but that didn't interfer until this morning...

    Thanks to anyone who could help...


    PS : i work on a macbook pro with 8 Go RAM.