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  • Choir settings

    Hello, I recently bought the Vienna Choir samples and they are great. I just have one aspect I would like to adjust on them in my Logic files. It is to do with how quickly the voices come in and fade out on each note. I have chosen the 'sustain' option rather than 'staccato' or any of the sharper options, but there is still a slightly sharp start and finish: The voices come in sharply at the start of a sustained note, sounds beautiful throughout the sustain, but then finish abruptly. I thought this might have something to do with the attack or reverb so I tried adjusting these settings but have been unsuccessful. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mo

  • Tried adding release? 

    Eric E. Hache
  • I haven't tried that- will give it a go! Thanks :)

  • Hey, that worked! 😃 Thanks! 👍