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  • Prokofiev Pianoconcerto II + III

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    I just put my recent recordings of Prokofievs Pianoconcerto II and III online:

    This is just music I loved to listen each time when I drove frequently through the Alps decades ago. So I just like this music. I hope this might be audible in my recordings.

    So here is Prokofievs:

    Pianoconcerto Nr.2 in g-minor


    Pianoconcerto Nr.3 in C-Major

    All done with VSL and their Vienna Imperial.

  • Hi Steffen,


    In one word: outstanding. I like the Prokofiev's music a lot, but I wasn't so familiar with the concerto nr. 2. Your performance is a tribute to this mighty composition!


  • Incredibly expressive. Sometimes, much more than some recordings of these works I could listen to!


  • Thank You Max and Paolo

    Your friendly reaction is very encouraging.

  • I just started listening to no.3 which I have heard many times played by real orchestras. 

    Your rendering is outstandingly convincing! The performance is almost like a real orchestra. The expressions are so natural and the shaping is nearly perfect. Its amazing that you took such a complicated piece and did an excellent job of it. I canti imagine how much effort this must have taken you!

    The only criticism I have is that the piano sounds a little 'boxed in'. I dont know how to express it but it feels a little tiny to me and not 'grand'.

    Besides that, I occasionally hear the 'tinny' sound of strings which was discussed in other demos as a standard issue with samples.

    But overall very impressive. Congrats on the great work.


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