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  • Faendalar - now and then

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    Hello there! As my entrée in this subforum I want to share with you something special. I did this composition "Faendalar" in the style of film music in 1996 using a Korg 01W, recording 16 tracks one after another (wow, those times....) Only recently I've re-arranged it for use of Vienna Instruments and I've put both versions on my blog for comparison.

    Link to blogpost

    Link to Faendalar Track 07, 1996 version

    Link to Faendalar Track 07, 2017 version

    If you want to listen to the whole suite, here's the link for that.

    I hope you enjoy and let me know your feedback, particularly about aspects of mixing, in regard of which I feel I've just made the first few steps. Thanks in advance!

  • I like the 2017 Version especially in the Beginning, it has huge variety of Movements trough the entire Piece. but also the 1996 Version reveals that you have good Composition Skills.

    good work

  • Very good indeed, right in the genre with some convincing scoring and good ideas. A good listen. I could only hear it on laptop speakers, but the mix and its intentions came through clearly.
  • Thanks very much, mh and mw, for your kind replies. Is there anything you noticed about the mix or the way the samples/articulations have been used, that you think needs improvement?

    I tend to think it sounds too far away to be "present" if you know what I mean - maybe less reverb?

    And yesterday I listened to it after listening to a Desplat soundtrack, and I thought, omg my composition sounds so hollow and muffled. Would some high-shelving be a good idea or maybe an Exciter on the master bus?

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