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  • Multithreading with VEPro6 & Logic Pro X

    Hi All,

    Though I've been using Logic Pro X with VEPro for quite some time now and I've seen many posts in regards, I was never able to find the correct multithreading setup that would allow Logic to run smoothly without overloading my CPU and cracking my audio. 

    What puzzles me even more, is the fact that my CPU isn't even giving it all, yet logic still seems to be thinking that my CPU is exhausted. I'm really confused...

    Here's all the screencaps:

  • I have done some work with Logic Pro X, and it seems to behave differently than Cubase. Cubase seems to run better with a few large instances. Logic seems to prefer multiple small instances...and avoiding AUX channels.

    Here is a really good discussion that I found helpful.

  • Logic is SO stupid with multithreading management. In Preferences -> Audio -> Devices try changing multithreading from Playback & Live Tracks to Playback Tracks only (I know, is counter-intuitive), see if for you will offer an improvement, for me (MBP 4-core) it did.