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  • How many iloks will I need?


    Have watched the videos on how to set up VEP6 as I'm thinking of making the purchase but I found the info on the number of iloks I would need a bit confusing. How many iloks will I need for a set up that includes a master to run my DAW, on a macbookpro, and one slave to run most of the VST and plugin programs? 



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    Hi Troy,

    Vienna Ensemble works with servers that can load and process your virtual instruments and plug-ins.

    Each computer you want to run such a VE PRO Server on needs a license for VE PRO and a ViennaKey.

    Alternatively, you can also use a Steinberg or Arturia Key, if you have one or can get one faster (they are usually available in music stores, and it´s the same copy protection system, "eLicenser").

    You will NOT need a license on your master computer if you "only" use it to insert the VE PRO plug-in (in your sequencer) that connects to the VE PRO Server on other computers

    iLok is a different system and will not work with our licenses.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul,

    Thanks for the reply.

    So on my master which will run the DAW (Studio One) I won't need a key or a licence but on my slave which is where I will run progams like Kontakt and other stuff like waves plugins I will need to use a licence and one of your keys?


  • Right. If all you are using your master DAW for is to host VEP VST Instrument and not actual VSTs via the VEP Server. Basically, any where you want to run VEP Server to host VSTs will need a vienna license on a eLicenser USB key. Basically...evey physical computer. 

    I run VEP Server on my master daw as a "Local Host". I like to host effects plugins that way for things like send effects such as Reverb. It operates outside the memory space of the DAW and offers fantastic performance benefits.

    So, if you are running 3 computers total, you need a elicenser USB key and the VEP license. Aka- 3 keys. I run Cubase and already had a steinberg usb dongle, so I only needed to buy 2 more to make my 3 computers work together in a Master/2 slaves config. 

    The VEPro license are sold in 3 packs. So, if you are a pro "like some here" and have a giant setup of 30+ slave computers, you will need 30 keys and licenses.

    If you share what you are trying to do, I am sure Paul, or one of us, will guide you for what is needed to get setup.

    Vienna Ensemble Pro is an awesome product!

  • Thanks, great info.

    Is it possible to use the Soft-elicenser (virtual license kept on your HDD) mentioned on the Steinberg web site with VEP6?

  • Hi, 

    You always need a hardware eLicenser key to work with our products. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • :)