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  • tried almost everything to slve mac to pc


    I am getting desparate here , i think I tried almost everything to slave a mac to pc pro tools hd 12. The pc recognize the mac sever and I can connect but there is an intermitant blank sound ( no sound when I play a vst an back to normal the all time.The pro tools buffer is 128, using big data ( 9000 ) on both network. First tried static ip for pc and for mac ( single ethenet cable connection from pc windows 10 to mac os 10.8.5 mac pro cheese grater ).Then mac ( firewall off) to pc firwall deactivated .Then i tried the automatic ip from pc , input on pc + and input on mac  + same problem the vst plays on the mac slave but the sound goes off and on. Any help greatly apreciated !

  • Sorry for beeing a little vague, but could someone show me an example of ip adress that work for mac slave on os 10.8.5 and pc master windows 10 ? That would be great to get a stable starting point.

    best regards

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    Hi Laurent,

    You should definitely use static IP addresses, and avoid 169.x.x.x addresses (these are automatically assigned by your computer and tend to change).

    Please try the following:
    Manually assign one of these IP addresses to the computers in your setup: 192.168.0.x or 10.0.0.x, and assign a subnet mask of (leave the other fields blank), then it should work.

    Did you try to deactivate the firewall on your windows computer?

    If you need the firewall to be on, please establish exception rules for certain ports as described in the VE PRO manual on page 4.

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul for the follow up. I bought a cat 6 cable today and everything is smoother no audio on-off anymore ( i had a cat 5 ), i am on separated ips , firewall off etc, went trough a lot of threads in the forum, but it seems to have solved the problem. I'll keep you inform if it changes and after a while i'll change the thread to solved ( finger cross + i really want it to work !!! )

    best regards

  • Talked too fast . I plugged a moog in midi in the pc and everything went wrong again now even with the moog unplugged , have the on-off sound cut. I am left with a last option which would be to buy a switch to "police the comunication "between mac and pc, too bad , I'll try that some times...

  • Hi, 

    Please send me screenshots of your network settings (both computers):

    If I understand correctly, there is currently no switch/router involved, right?

    If there is, please eliminate it and connect the computers directly. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Absolutely , computers connected directly, I sent you the screenshots.

  • Make sure your network adapter drivers are up to date. I have had issues in the past and went to the manufacturer website to get NIC drivers. It solved my issues at the time. 

    There are also all kinds of variables that impact realtime audio abd can cause artifacts that often have nothing to do with the software you are trying to use. Other apps and drivers can mess with Realtime audio. Things like antivirus and realtime scanning. 

    It can be hardware that doesnt manifest itself on everyday use, but will show up when you are trying to do CPU/realtime audio stuff.

    Anyway, just thought I would toss those ideas out there. So many times I wanted to shoot my computer and kill Cubase. It ended up having nothing to do with my DAW or plugin software. Even had bad cables, bad nic card connectors, etc. I guess I am saying...maybe look more broadly for the root cause.

  • thanks for the advices , i 'll try other things ...

  • It's incredible that yesterday i changed the buffer size in pro tools from 128 to 524 and was able to work on a session the the entire day without 1 glitch ( in my case the audio when i play a vst stops sometimes ). Today I open the same session and I am back again with those interuptions, even if i change the buffer size, just clueless.

    Just to mention the ip's on both computers are static