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  • Dropping support of 10.9?

    Why are you drop support in the middle of current version? VEP6. I pay for version 6 which means full support until version 7 came, and now you try to force me to update my whole system which works perfectly fine.

    And every time I've strarted VEP pro 6 it tells me that new version found even when I disable automatic updates check. Of course I can't use this version because it's not compatible with 10.9.5.

    kind regards. Pablo

  • Hello Pablo, 

    Our developers depend on a lt of factors, and compatibility with older OS's is something that Apple does not support extensively, sorry to say. 

    If we want to improve our software, there is no way around cutting some ties, unfortunately. 

    I am not sure which version 7 you mean. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL