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  • Vienna Key not working

    Hey ya'll! My vienna key has stopped working out of nowhere. My instruments are not available and I dont know what to do. Any suggestions? Thanks.



  • Things to try;

    A different USB port.

    Restarting your computer.

    Checking if it's still detected by the license manager; if so, you might try reinstalling Vienna Instruments.

    All of the above are just things that might be a simple solution and not guaranteed to solve the problem, the absolute best thing to do (the above suggestions won't hurt at all though and recommend trying them just in case) is to contact VSL support directly, they are usually extremely helpful.

    Last resort, make sure the key is still in warranty and contact VSL support about replacing your licenses (you will have to mail the key to them IIRC, they should describe the process to you).

  • sorry to hear about your problem - it turned up lately (in case you're on a Mac), that after updating OS a similar effect can be noticed.

    eLicenser has a troublesooting section

    for our support of course it wold be helpful if you register your ViennaKey(s) / eLicenser(s) here:

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.