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  • How does the Matrix-Scale-Feature interact with the PitchWheel CC

    I do need for some short moments a natural horn in C#/Db, F#/Gb, G#/Ab, and B(= german H) and I do need each in Just Intonation as I  do also need for the natural horns of each other tone.

    I thought it would be the easiest way, to take for instance the C-Natural Horn and tune it with the Pitch wheel CC a half tone up to get my "C#-Natural Horn Substitute" but how does the matrix-Scale feature will react on this uptuning with the Pitchwheel?

    1) Should I load the Just-Intonation of C since all its intervalls will be uptuned by the Pitch-Wheel to get my C#-Just intonation: because the Pitch Wheel change the tunings of the Matrix scale


    2) should I load a "C#-Justintonation" because  the Matrix scale will apply on the tones it receives (already with the pitch wheel) from the sequencer

    In short which pitch modification is the first and which the second ahich is applied on the the Midievents?

    - Pitvh-wheel and than Matrix-Scale


    - Matrix-Scale and than Pitch-Wheel????