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  • Remote hosting/collaboration Vienna Ensemble

    Hi all. I hope to collaborate with an arranger/orchestrator soon. I am in NY and he is in Scotland. We both have Synthogy Ivory and VSL strings (I have the SE version, he has a very complete set of VSL products). We both have VEPro. Call it crazy talk, but since we both have licensed versions of the product(s) and VSL allows multiple computers to collaborate locally, is there a way to trigger each other's samples - remotely? At first I was looking at eg Web MIDI and a few other ideas/products, but let me toss out a vague idea I have here.

    Rather than use our piano/strings directly inside the DAW use VEPro. And then somehow attach from the local DAW to remote server via some sort of VPN. I am using Studio One and he uses CUBASE/ProTools. The idea is for me to play my midi keyboard (VPC1) and somehow send the midi also to his VEP, such that he hears what I am playing, and maybe could even capture the midi (and of course, vice versa). I am WAY outta my league (no expert with music equipment/daws etc) just bringing the need to you for thoughts. So there are VPN, licensing, routing, audio etc issues. I think I can get the audio over the wire using other products/means. Not sure about MIDI, and knowing that VSL works with multiple computers (I don't use that feature), maybe there was a way to have multi-user access so long as both sides are fully licensed?

    Thanks for any thoughts!


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    My collaborator just responded with the below. Interesting stuff. But seems Cubase-specific for this release. I am running PreSonus Studio One. Perhaps VEPro could leverage the "transit" service at some point if they consider this. Hopefully this is the future. Anyhoo, sharing FYI.