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  • Swiching Between Cubase and VEPro And Keeping Sound


    I am working on my first project using VEPro.  The only instrument for this project is the KonzertOrgan.  When working in Cubase I hear everything as expected.  However, as I work on the piece I would like to be able to tweak registers on the organ.  When I switch to VEPro I cannot either a) play notes on my MIDI controller or b) use my mouse to press keyboard notes in the player to hear the organ.  This is frustrating as it is typical to play a piece and adjust stops or registers until you have the sound you want.  I did some looking on the forum, etc. but I could not find a solution.  Is it possible to switch from Cubase to VEPro and still be able to play and hear an instrument?


    [EDIT]  I should include I am running VEP5 with Vienna Instruments.  I just purchased Instruments Pro, but I am hesitant to upgrade mid-project, the same with VEP6.  If one of these will make a difference I can decide to upgrade, but if they won't I would rather finish the project and then upgrade.