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  • Game Of Thrones - Main Theme

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    Hi there dear forum members,

    due to the season final of Game Of Thrones I decided to make a MIDI-Cover/Mockup of the main theme by Ramin Djawadi. The goal is to be as near as possible to the original. I used VSL especially for the strings (the complete list of VSTs I used is in the video description).

    I hope to get feedback from you guys. I wondered if you have any suggestions to make it sound more realistic, any technical advices etc.

    Have a nice day,

  • My advice on how to improve it is this:

    - The dynamics need refining. The strings kick in too loud too fast and the transitions don't sound so realistic.

    - mixing (some instruments aere too loud etc.)

    - Do you have reverb? If yes, it needs a lot of work. Check out if you haven't already. Good, relatively cheap reverb for orchestral scoring. It's only 50$.

    I'm definitely not an expert in this, but these are things I'd do to improve this.

    Good work overall. Keep practicing and you'll get better after every project.

  • I agree with porrasm on the mixing part, though I couldn't say what exactly is needed. (Still struggling myself with muddy mixes). I'd like to add that I actually find your rendition of the theme very close to the original. Which is btw an interesting choice of model, because the original itself doesn't sound too convincing to me.

  • This sounds a little raw to me. Like it wasn't mastered. What libraries are you using? The strings sound featureless. Are you layering them with the smaller ensembles and/or solos? The percussion could use some punch. Try parallel compression. It's not a bad start but a little more attention to detail would help it.

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