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  • Panning Question

    Are the instruments in Special Edition 1 panned by default? They sound like they might be. For instance, the basses do sound to the right. The reason I ask is that I am one of those people who uses multiple libraries. In the past, I have panned everything myself, so that the different libraries agree. But I'm experimenting with leaving instruments panned as they are loaded, as it appears that most, if not all, libraries seem to use the same scheme, more or less. So far, I think the sound I'm getting may be better, but it's hard to be sure. It could just be that it sounds different, which often seems to be an improvement, simply because it's new.

  • As far as I has experienced, all instruments of VSL (except the synchron series) are panned in the midst. You can use the stereo pan to pan the instruments. With this tool you don't loose the left channel or right channel, because instead of deminishing the right or left channel you pan the left channel and you pan the right channel. In this way you keep a richer sound. You can also make the sound wide or more narrow by placing the left channel and the right channel less or more close to another (making the angle wider or narrower).

  • Thank you. I will experiment with panning my Vienna SE sounds to fit with my other libraries. One thing I have found over the years is that different pieces may need to be panned differently. The "German" plan for strings, for example, sometimes works better for a given piece (Vn 1 on left, Vn 2 on right). I have avoided panning software as it consumes so much CPU. I like to keep things simple. Reasonably good mockups are all I'm after.

  • Hi Michael. The pan control inside your daw should allow you to do it reasonably well.

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  • Thanks, Fabio. I control pan in various ways. Initially, I used CC events. I even derived formulas for converting % values into midi values. Lately, I've just been adjusting it on the synths themselves.