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  • VEPRO Import sesión data in pro tools and midi ports

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    I'm reworking job templates now that I have the time. In pro tools I have created a session that contains 16 instrument tracks and two tracks of returned effects routed to a VEPro instance. In VEPro I have a Kontakt instance configured in multislide with empty instruments but routed through midi channel and independent audio output. This way I can drag the instrument on any instance and I save all the routing.
    It works fine by doing import session data the first time, but if I need a second instrument and do the same procedure with import session Data, the instance is created in VEPro, but it is impossible to route the midi port to that instacia, every time I touch The second instance sounds the first, and does not let me change the midi node in any way, it will always be installed 1.
    In other DAWs the track presets solved this problem, allowing a quick template configuration. But I want to unify the processes in pro tools to have maximum compatibility with my clients and to work on a single DAW. If this option is not possible .. What would be the way in Pro Tools to have preconfigured multiple instances?
    I attached the Pro Tools project and a capture where it is seen that it will not let me change the MiDI Node.