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  • How to Migrate Server/Instance


    I am tryin to figure out how to do the following:

    - Working on a laptop with local VEP instances.  
    - I have a slave running VEP with identical plugin sets loaded
    - Want to be able to while working on the laptop...change the server/instance on which the plugin is loaded.  

    I can bring up the plugin in the host DAW and select a different server/instance but I can get it to trigger the slave computer to load up the plugin(s) - (the way it does when you first load up the project).

    Is this possible?  Would be really handy I think!

    Thanks in advance!


  • If the slave has the same plugins I would try to name the Instance You need (for instance "xyz") and save the VE-Project with that Instance of your Laptop. Than move move the *.vesp64-File with your "xyz"-instance to the slave und open it there. If everything ios loaded the instance namend "xyz" should be visible in the VE-connection Window of your DAW as an option to connect your Daw with with it. (If you chose "new" in the connection windows the alreaddy loaded Instance will be replaced.) So if you connect than with "xyz" You should have the instance you saved in your Laptop in your slave.

  • Thanks for your response.  I'll give your suggestions a try.  Ideally what I was imagining was keeping everything stored in the DAW and being able to selectively push the config to whichever slave at any time.  (not sure if I am explaining well).  For example.  I am using VEP locally with my DAW.  Depending on how involved a project gets I may reach the limits of my laptop.  At which point, perhaps I want to move the strings from the Strings VEP instance on the local VEP to a Strings instance on another Slave.  Was hoping that I could just disconnect the VEP plugin in the DAW, then reconnect it to the VEP Slave (new instance(s) and just tell it to load everything up on the slave...without restarting the DAW or VEP or anything really..  

    Does that make sense?  

  • If you load the Project in your Daw without any VE-Started at all, the VE-Connection the DAW-Project will start without loading anything. If you start VE on your Slave it thearetically should be able to load the same instance just by connecting the DAW-Proect via the ve-Connetion-Window with your Slave-VE. Meanwhile I know that you can start VE after the Project is loaded into the DAW and load the VE-instances correct as tthey are saved with the DAW-Project, I hav not yet tested this with a slave. So perhaps you are lucky and things simply work already like you intended it ;-)