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  • Question about saving RAM and loading time


    I was wondering if Disconnecting instances in VEP is able to save RAM?

    Or is it also necessary to disable unused channels?

    In terms of the best way to create a template, I am deciding whether to keep each instance saved as a separate project, or have many instances in one VEP project, but disconnected and/or channels disabled?

    Advice appreciated.

  • I think you are able to save RAM with "disabling Cells" of your Vienna instruments.. Beside the optimize function there are also fnctions for general disabling of all Cell in an instance:

    See in the VE-Menu: "Vienna Instruments"/"Disable all cells"

    You could either do this for those Instances you are currently not working with and enable them when you need them. There is also a Function "Disable Cells (all Instances)" and after yo did you might enable only those you actually need.

  • Thank you.


    Do most people have many instances in a VEP project or save each instance separately?

  • I can certainly confirm this is true. I have all of EastWest Composer Cloud Plus (Mostly the Hollywood Orchestra) loaded into my 11 tab (instance template on my PC slave. I have it set up so that a speciified CC will disable my tracks using an iPad App. This means I can load the entire server template disabed and then simply switch on instruments as I want to. In Logic Pro X, if I tap my assigned disable button on a track folder, it will disable all the instances of PLAY that I have in that tab also, or I can do it per-track for each instrument.

    I do the same on my Kontakt Server Template on my Mac Pro. This has saved me huge resources and large amounts of RAM on both machines. Something that is certianly worth learning and mastering :)

    I have been tinkering with VE PRO for about 3 years now and I have no regrets of my purchase. It is incredibly versatile and a welcome addition to any composers/sound designers/writers arsenal :)

    I work in IT as well, so the system really is something that fascinates me.



  • Cool, thanks for sharing that.

    When you say disable tracks, you're talking about inside the sequencer (Logic in your case)?

    Do disabled tracks in the DAW actually save RAM within VEP pro? Or would you have to also disable the tracks within VEP to have the memory saving benefit?