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  • Route to FX bus, and send audio to Studio One

    Is this possible?

    In my VEP template, I want to have a bus channel with my reverb plugin activated. The audio from this, I want to send back to my DAW, Studio One.

    I tried the following: insert new bus track in VEP, add Spaces Reverb plugin and set the audio output to 3/4.

    In Studio One, I added an audio track and loaded the VEP Audio Input, and set channel 3/4. No audio is coming in when I played some test notes.

    I'm looking for a solution where I can do all my FX routing and processing in VEP, and simply have the audio sent back to my DAW.

  • On the Bus track in VEP instance, did you specify the Input?

    In your example, the channel IN needs to be INPUTS=> INPUT => 3/4 (since that is what you mapped the INPUT pluggin in your daw track VEP Audio input plugin)

    Also, make sure you actived the 3/4 outputs in your daw, and that it is routed to your main output device (or subgroup, group channel, etc) so you can actually hear it.

    I do this all the time with CUBASE.

    Few things to keep in mind...this doesnt work like an insert effect. You are basically doing a send effect with the VEP Audio Input plugin and bringing it back on a VSL Instrument return channel.  It is a little clunky, but once you wrap your head around it, it is simple. It works super well when running on your local network latency.

  • I have tried using the VEP Audio input plugin, but Studio One keeps crashing on me. So my routing is now like this:

    For each instance in VEP I send dry instruments to output 1/2 and adjust send level to my FX bus. The output of my FX bus is set to output 3/4. In Studio One I activate output 1/2 and 3/4 on the VEP plugin (not the audio input version).

    So I eventually end up with two tracks for each instance in my Daw. 

    There are maybe other ways of doing it, but this seems to work.

  • Yes. I do something similar.

    For Example:

    Let's say I record a raw vocal track. I do not route it to any output in my daw. Instead, I have an FX track created that has a VEP audio Input plugin connected to a channel in VEP Instance. I then use whatever plugins I want and send the output back. I then assign that VEP return to an output channel in Cubase that is not routed to anything. I use that output as an input to an analog track in cubase. It sound like a mess, but this lets me do whatever I want to my vocal track, and then bouce it to an analog stem. That is not necessary, but it is my workflow.

    I stategically hide the VEP return and the FX channels from view in my mixer. It declutters stuff a lot, and I really dont need to see them as they are just pass through. I could do the VEP input send right from the vocal track, but by doing it this way, I am basically creating a channel strip that i can route multiple tracks through. I set it up this way for flexibility.

    I basically use the same model for my Send FX. 

    Of course, if I could use the VEP Input plug it like a true insert, then all that could be avoided. But, doing it the way I am, running VEP on local host, lets me do incredible amounts of processing while maintaining low latency and barely moving the needle on my Cubase performance meter. It is why I can get along fine with a single machine. The magic is in VEP.

    That said, I have come close to buying Waves Soundgrid servers to host my Mercury plugs, but I do not beleive I will get the low latency I am getting with VEP running as a local host. The only thing I would really gain is the ability to do Insert FX like normal. But, I am then limited to just Waves, additional layers of complexity, etc. Also there is the cost avoidance thingy. It is always nice to have more resources for adding additional instrument libraries. ;)

  • In Cubase 9.5 I create another instance of VEP locally or on another computer. I create an FX send with VEP Input plugin to use as a send. I assign the rtn channel in Cubase to a group channel and place the two side by side with other FX. I'm using this for a Lexicon PCM  plugin. I can send multiple channels to it like any other FX send. It returns to the new RTN group channel. It's only an added step to set it up, but in use is the same as other FX send/ rtn senarios, 


  • Hi, Did you ever get this to work in Studio ONe... I can't seem to get a releable fx send/return working with VEP7... Any tips gratefully received!





  • The only way VE Pro appears as an effect is VE Pro Audio Input; the send/return paradigm doesn't apply to regular VE Pro, it's an instrument only.