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  • Sibelius SE 5.2 presets and VE Pro


    I have some problems with using Sibelius presets in VE Pro.

    I use Sibelius 8.6.1, VE Pro 2.4, VI 5.4 and Special Edition Vol. 1 & 2.

    When I choose any of Sibelius SE 5.2 presets, they are not loaded, all of the cells are empty (red).

    And the top it all, if I try to load any of the Matrix instruments they loaded only partial. (see image)


  • Hello grapemus-t!

    Red cells mean that the content either cannot be found or that the license is not attached.

    Please make sure that the Vienna key(s) with all your Special Edition licenses are attached, that the content is installed and the folders are assigned in the Directory Manager. You can download your content anytime at the following link:

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Andi,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Vienna key is inserted, the licences are attached. (See image 01)

    The content is installed from DVD-s, folders are assigned. (see image 02)

    It worked this way for years. Is it more advantageous to use the Library Downloads for installing even I have the DVDs?

    The preset folder (VSL Custom Data) wasn't in the Directory Manager as you can see on image 02, I've added the folder as it on image 03.

    The problem still persist even if I try to add instrument from Matrix, but just recognised everything works well in VI, the problems are confined to VI Pro only.  (Image 04 and 05)

    As I remember the problem occured after trying some of the available tutorial project files. 

    Thanks for helping!








  • Hi Szabolcs!

    This problem is unusual. The first thing I'd do is to download and install the latest version of Vienna Instruments Pro.

    Your problem may have something to do with the older content version on the DVDs. I recommend downloading and installing the content from your user area.

    There's no need to include the VSL Custom Data folder in the Directory Manager. It contains your presets and matrices, but no library content. You can remove these folders from the Directory Manager.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
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