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  • Andante for clarinet and strings

    Hello everybody

    Here is some new music by me, mocked up entirely with VSL instruments. The clarinet is from VSL Woodwinds, the strings are the Dimension Strings. It is a short piece for clarinet and strings, heavily inspired by Bernard Crusell:

    Any comments, be they about the composition or the mockup, are most welcome. Thank you for listening.

  • Hi Dominique,

    enjoyed the piece very much. Listened to it several times and love the melodies, the clarinet part is very beautiful (and as far as I can tell, performed beautifully).

    Couple of things to comment on (and please take it with a grain of salt). It felt like the piece started in the middle, no intro so to speak. And sometimes I got the feeling that the clarinet was fighting with the arco strings, maybe the clarinet was too quiet or vice versa, the strings were too loud. But again, it's just my personal taste speaking.

    Keep listening to it as I am writing this and I am absolutely loving it - very delicate and simply beautiful, quite a rare thing nowadays.

    Keep doing what you're doing and post more.

  • Thank you Stan! You are right, especially in the 'reprise' the clarinet is maybe a bit too quiet compared to the strings. I'll fix that in the next version. I hadn't thought about an introduction, but maybe it's a good idea. I'll think about it. Thanks again for your kind words and suggestions.

  • The link didn't work for me.

  • A very attractive piece. My understanding of the work is a sort of a late classical era, early romantic era style. The harmonies were flawless, attractive melodic content, and lovely midi performance. I would love to hear more. 

  • I really like the Classical style on this.    The clarinet needs to be centered not over on one side, and have a lower dynamic range so that the softer notes don't drop out.  Maybe overall louder in realtion to the strings.  You might use compression or just adjust the overall dynamic range in VI.   Also, maybe having a bit more pronounced dynamics?  Maybe, but it is a relaxed Andante so maybe not.  You decide, but  it is a really good composition and the clarinet solo is remarkably realistic and natural sounding.  

  • Hi Dominique,

    So beautiful. A little light, tender piece written to the sweet voice of the clarinet. In the last version, the orchestral balance seems OK to me, the clarinet on the foreground, but never dominant. It sings lovely with the modest strings. The classical style is so real as if you were teleported to our era by accident...

    Congrats, most enjoyable,


  • Thank you Paul. You are exactly right, I went for a late classical style. I'm glad that you seem to think that worked. If I find the time to do so I may write some outer movements to make a complete concerto.


    William thank you for your input. Good catch on the quieter clarinet notes. I don't like to tackle the problem with a compressor, but reducing the dynamic range a bit could be a good idea. I'll experiment with it.

    I like the subdued dynamics of the piece overall. I think it would work well as a short breath of quiet and introspection between a spirited opening movement and bristling joyful rondo as finale.


    Well, Max, thank you so much. I am not teleported to this era, not that I knew of. But maybe I was born 230 years late :-)

  • Wonderful, touching piece, Dominique!  Congratulations!  The clarinet sings with angelic beauty.  Thank you for sharing.


  • Thank you Dave, very kind of you!

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