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  • Vepro typical behavior?

    Hey folks,

    We recently upgraded to VePro 6.  While I really love the new organizational tab method and the many other features, using 6 has slowed our work flow way down from previous versions. I kow this is NOT the intent of the marveous engineers at VSL so all I can think is that were doing something wrong. 

    This is how things worked before:  We'd load our template. (it would take TOPS 5 minutes)  Launch Logic and it would connect in seconds.  Even saving in Logic took 2.5 seconds tops.  (I know this because were insane here and would run a stop watch against it)

    This is what happens now:  We load our template on a slave computer.  It takes at least 15-20 minutes to load.  Which is fine really, it's a very large tempate (with unfortunately some PLAY instances which seem to take the longest to laod)  We launch Logic. Logic then goes through some odd thing where its seems to want the template on the slave to RELOAD.  That takes about 5 minutes.  I dont seem to rememeber the template loading 'twice' before.  Or is it REALLY loading again and just taking awhile to connect?  I am not really sure. I see channel assignment task bars running and I am not really sure what those mean.

    Any clews on how to streamline this woud be much appreciated. I'm wondering if we should just save all of our sessions at night as Decoupled and then connect to each individual one as we need them.