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  • Sibelius not starting after using Vensemble



    I'm new to VSL and have just purchased the VSL special Edition complete and started working with it in Sibelius

    8.6.1  I have the following problem: I start a score in Sibelius say using WWinds and set up the instruments in VEnsemble and Vienna Instruments. All Instruments play back correctly with the correct ariculations. I saved my Sib. File and my VE File and closed both programs. When I restart Sibelius later it hangs at '' initializing playback system'' -VEnsmble starts and runs in the background, but Sibelius just hangs and will not start.

    Any ideas what could be causing this ??

    Question: I purchased V Instruments Pro- can I use this with VEnsemble (not the Pro Version) with Sibelius or do I have to have VEnsemble Pro as well.


    Stanley McKee

  • The problem is caused bz my ILok. There was another post on the forum with the same problem caused by a different (waves ) Plugin. My problem was caused by the AIR creative Instruments Expander Plugin. When I remove the ILok Sibelius and VEnsemble start.

  • Hello Stanley!

    It's good to read that you have found the reason for your problem.

    Vienna Instruments Pro can be used with the free Vienna Ensemble version as well. Simply add VI Pro instruments with the VI Pro button in the lower left of Vienna Ensemble.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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