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  • Vep Pro 6 & Omnisphere - patches disappearing from instances

    This has been driving me mad, both on Vep 5 and now 6. I load many single instances of Omnisphere in their own VI frames, saving them as I go, as well as many Komtakt and a couple other plugins, saving the Meta frame, etc. All works well for as long as need. However, every time I shutdown my system for the night, when firing it up the next day, the Omni plugins are there in the vi frame, but no Omni patch loaded. I have to reload each VI frame into the metaframe to get back to where I was the previous day. This never happens with any other plugin I use. I 'be tried everything I can think of but no go. What could possibly be the problem? Any help appreciated.

  • I would suggest writing to spectrasonics support. They should definitelly help you out. 



  • Sounds like a problem I heard about "unofficial" version of Omnisphere... In any case, I doubt the problem it's not VEP but Omnisphere itself..

  • I'd be careful there FabioA. I too occasionally have this issue and there's nothing 'Unofficial' about my copy of Omni Love to hear if anyone has been able to fix this

  • It has to be something happening during project loading. Did you notice it happens more frequently on projects where your ram reaches the limits?

  • Hey guys,

    I have the same problem since v5 ("official" Omnisphere version, of course). Did you solve the problem already?