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  • [SOLVED] alesis vi49 and vienna instruments program change issue

    I've been wanting to have a program change to different matrixes, P0-P5, and I was able to change the drum pad to switch the program change, and it's registered in vienna instruments, but as soon as I press a key on the keyboard it goes right back to P0 (the first matrix).

    I can change the program in Sibelius with ~P0,1 (through 5), and play the keyboard in vienna instruments and it's fine, but the keyboard only wants to play P0.

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

  • I moved one of the matrixes to the zero position and interestingly it still sticks with the default "basic violin" which is now 1. So this is very odd!

  • no one knows the answer?

  • Hi, 

    I'd record the output of your vi49 and see what the recorded data looks like. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you, Paul!

    I checked it with Midi-ox and all seems good. i just checked the settings in sibelius (one last time!) and it looks like the sound set was set to VE strings, not VE special edition. (i have the solo strings I&II) and that fixed it!