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  • Quick Q re: Vienna Key licence transfer

    Yo! After almost a decade out of the game (and college!), this hobbyist is back putting together a DAW with all his old software. I have a solid base of purchased VSL software that I always preferred, was pretty much all I ever used and wanted to use, so now that I'm a grown-up I can actually afford to build out my VSL collection. I currently own:

    Solo Strings (standard)
    Flute 1 (Standard)
    Bassoon (Standard)
    Special Edition Vol 1
    Special Edition Vol 1 Strings Plus

    I've ordered a new Vienna Key, the licences on my old key (now defunct) aren't accessible but I'm not sure how to transfer them on to a the new one. Presume it's the same as Steinberg / any software asset management structure where I can just 'cancel' the old key from my account and assign the licences to the new key?

    Is this a "Contact Support" job? (I worked in tech support for years – always go out of my way to solve my problems myself or in a forum now!)

    Many thanks for any help / advice in advance,

    Banquo / Rob

  • Hello Banquo, 

    Welcome back!

    If your key does not show the licenses, we will need to replace them, which is indeed a support job.

    Please contact us directly at, depending on the damage, age and warranty on your key, we will pick the right solution. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Great, thanks Paul!