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  • logic and vep5 making a orchestral!!!




     i am trying to make work a orchestral template with logic 10.0.7 and vep 5, with a 32 ram Mac pro. i have done  it with spitfire strings, brass and woodwinds. i have made the template using audio grocery scripter too  to control the articulations via nano kontrol studio. everything is fine until i want to record something(only a track!!) or even worse, to listen what i have recorded. it totally freezes!!all the cores get crazy.


     i have 38 instances of vep, each one with kontakt with each articulation with each midi channel set,, maybe this is too much for my Mac pro?? i have downloaded the multiport layer and open it with logic 10.2 but i have read that it can be no useful to use it or maybe yes?

    Need some help!! this is very frustrating after making a lot of work,...


    Thanks a lot!!!