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  • VSL Pro 5 / PT12 > Need some advise


    Hello everybody,


    I need some advise about how to setup an optimal sequencer template for my system. My studio setup consists out of 2 hardware systems:


    System1 (Sequencer system)

    Mac Pro running latest Sierra with Pro Tools 12.


    16 GB RAM (3200 MHz)

    2x UAD QUAD Firewire


    System2 (Sampler system):

    PC running latest Windows 10 / VSL Pro 5


    32 GB RAM 2133 MHz

    2 TB NVME Intel PCI-e SSD Drives.

    Used only for Kontakt5


    Both system connected directly over Gigabit LAN using SFTP CAT 6, using dedicated PCI-e NIC’s.  (And I am currently experimenting with setting up a 40 GB/ps Ethernet link over Thunderbolt 3).


    Can anybody advise me on what is the best way to set up my sequencer template. In the VSL Pro instance you can specify the amount of audio in- & out and MIDI channels. As a software engineer myself is suspect that running 1 instance of VSL Pro client is the most optimal way to go, instead of having overhead of multiple instances? 


    When I tried to increase the amount of audio output ports in the VSL Pro client to 256 I got this warning that told me my sequencer can crash with anything larger than 32 channels. So that leads me to the question, what is the greatest amount of output channels that I should use in combination with Pro Tools 12?


    My goal is to load a large (better said.. the largest possible) amount of orchestral libraries.. can anybody put me in the right direction? In the coming period I’m going to focus on building a basic template. Since I have never done this before, I would love to hear how some of you other users are working in a similar setup.


    Thanks in advance,