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  • Route Audio from Cubase5 to ProTools12

    How can I route audio from Cubase 5 to Pro Tools 12 on a windows system. I am using a host / slave system with ipmidi, VE Pro 5, ethernet cable. I essentially want to print outgoing audio from Cubase into protools in real time, so when I press play in cubase, the audio is being recording in pro tools. 

    No, I do not want to export/bounce in cubase and import in pro tools.

    Please help.

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    Welcome Jairo de la cruzz 4079,

    You will have to do this either via conventional audio connections, or by means of a virtual audio routing application like SoundFlower or LoopBeAudio. Vienna Ensemble Pro was not made for connecting two different host programs with each other (.... in case you were planning to use VE Pro for this task).

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you. I will look into these programs