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  • Can't connect to server using power line adapter

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    Is anyone out there using a powerline adapter to connect to their router?

    I have my server machine (a mac pro) all set up with latest version of VE Pro 5 installed. This server machine is connected to my router directly via an ethernet cable.

    My DAW machine (another mac pro) is connected via ethernet via this powerline adapter to the router. The reason for this is that my server machine and router are on the second floor of my home. So I plug my ethernet cable from my DAW machine into the powerline Adapter which then plugs into my power network and connects to it's receiving powerline adapter which is plugged into the router via ethernet.

    I can file share and screenshare via the Finder without any issues. The only problem is that the server does not appear as an option to connect to within my DAW when I open the VE plugin.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I'm prepared to buy and try different powerline adapters if you think that will work.


  • This is a very bad idea. A powerline adapter will not have the throughput and latency figures required for VEPro. You should pull a proper ethernet cable instead.

    Thanks, Martin