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  • Vienna Suite Pro presets

    When I was watching the demos for the various plugins for Vienna Suite on YouTube, I noticed the the Pro and basic versions have different presets. Is there any possibility that an update will come out soon where we will see similar presets like to the ones in the basic version? Vienna Suite Pro is an amazing set of plugins by the way, much worth the money. 

  • Thanks a lot for your friendly words, Illuminatus.

    Which presets do you miss?

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • There is this one plugin in the basic Multiband called "Impress your boss" and the others associated with Multiband, could all those presets be transferred to Vienna Suite Pro in the next update perhaps? The presets for Vienna Suite Pro are stellar but I would like to see more presets sometime soon. 

  • I second that, particularly with regards to the Multiband presets. I have definitely learnt more about how this particular effect works by starting with a preset and changing it to suit my needs. I find the setup of the pro version without presets a bit daunting and tend to stick to the previous version due to ease of use and just knowing how to get what I want quickly. Otherwise VS PRO is everpresent in my mixchain somewhere regardless of what style or genre I am working in :-)

  • So not wanting to drag up a thread from 5 years ago - but as I'm transitioning to ilok cloud (a much welcome change to physical dongles) I've just bought Vienna Suite Pro and really miss the "Impress Your Client" and "Impress Your Client More" presets - did these ever get created for Pro?



  • I assume you are referring to the "Multiband Limiter" from legacy Vienna Suite, right? There is no direct successor of this plug-in in Vienna Suite Pro, so no presets have been ported.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library