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  • Velocity Layers in VI_Woodwinds_1_Manual_v2.pdf


    I can't find any velocity layer information in the VI_Woodwinds_1_Manual_v2.pdf (Woodwinds I).

    The other Manuals specify a more detailed mapping of dynamics to Midi Velocities whereas for the woodwinds only the number of layers is specified.

    For example:


    11 FL1_sus_Vib Samples: 300 RAM: 18 MB Level 1
    Sustained, with vibrato
    4 velocity layers
    Release samples


    21 TrC_sus_Vib-light Samples: 244 RAM: 15 MB Level 1
    Sustained, with light vibrato
    5 velocity layers: 0–28 pp; 29–55 p; 56–88 mp; 89–108 mf; 109–127 f
    Release samples

    The Information in the VI_SE-DL_Woodwinds_Patch-Matrix-1.pdf (Special Edition Manual) for the corresponding woodwinds wouldn`t help because the Special Edition seems to have less velocity layers than Woodwinds 1 Library.

    Thanks for helping

  • Hi Stefan,

    you're right of course, the layer information is missing in some manuals because it is largely redundant ... In other manuals I included a table of the general layout of velocity layers that applies to most instruments. Here it is:

    2 layers: 0-88, 89-127
    3 layers: 0-55, 56-88, 89-127
    4 layers: 0-55, 56-88, 89-108, 109-127
    5 layers: 0-55, 56-88, 89-108, 109-118, 119-127

    6 and more layers mostly apply to percussion instruments where the differences in timbre are more pronounced.

    I will try and remember to include the general layer information whenever there are any manual updates!

    Kind regards,
    David Ender / VI Manuals

  • Hi David,

    thanks for the answer.

    I was asking for the following reason:

    I work mostily with Sibelius.

    Sibelius triggers a velocity-value of 98 for"forte" .

    For the Dimension Brasses this velocity-value triggers the "mezzoforte" sample whereas for the Chamber Violins it triggers the "forte" samples
    For reasons of volume this wouldn't bother me too much, but it concerns me a bit regarding the attack of the sound.

    So I wrote for all "Sustain" Samples of the different VSL Instrument Groups dedicated Velocity - Definitions with the Sibelius Soundset Editor. This seems to work quite well for all dynamics.

    In the end I just couldn't find the velocity definitions for the Woodwinds, but I assume they are the same as the Chamber Strings if I understand your answer correctly

    I guess I'm probably just a bit paranoid...


    I love the Dimension Brass, and - yes - I still love the Chamber Strings. Both are fantastic.