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  • VSL Dimension Strings Setup Question


    Here is a question for VSL Dimension-Strings Users/Experts.

    Q.  Do you use the Slots of a VI-Pro Instance to populate your string players (P1,P2,P3...) ?  or do you use one instance of VI-Pro for each string player, then record-enable all the Instrument tracks in your DAW to trigger the multiple players ?  

    Any feedback, comments, or tips on this detail would be helpful, and interesting. 



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    I have prepared dimension patches with different amount of players in the slots, depending for instance how the division of the strings demand it. (Some late romantic score I did demanded up to distinctive handled "8 Pulte" (musicstand = 2 Players) per Violin section (Violins 1 + 2) which makes 16 times divided Strings. Dimensionstrings ar great for that kind of demands 😉 )

    In short:

    I use "one Instance" for one musically independent track/voice.

    The certain sectionsize of this musically independet voice I program with the amount of players in the slots ranging for the violins for instance between 8 players and two players.

    However the single "players" in the dimension instruments are no soloists since you always listen some ensemblebackground which let them sound like an ensemble when playing together and not like multiplied clean soloists, nevertheless they do have much more distinctive presence than the ensembleplayers in ensemlbesamples like chamber, orchestra or appasionata Strings.

    I hope I was able to answer your question.

  • Hi fahl5.

    Thanks for the helpful feedback. 




  • I'm using a single intrument for each DS player. Since I'm moving to let VEPRO entirely manage my instruments, this way I gain more flexibility in creating sets.

    The same DS Violins P1 can be used in an instance for the full Vni I, the full Vni II, or a divisi Vni I/a instance. If neeed, by assigning different MIDI channels to each mixer channel in VEPRO, each player can be entirely controlled via MIDI.