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  • ve pro 6 & logic & multiport

    hello, is there a simple picture, explication & or video for using multiport template with logic ?

    one instance for one multichanel kontack ok, when i merge instances , i try multiport and i don't want to use 2 month for understanding how to do, 

    i have buy it for win time not other...


    best regards,



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    There is a whole section for this the Multiport Approach available in the VE PRO 6 manual, on pages 55-57, with many screenshots. These 3 pages contain all the necessary information.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • this is not enought because it doesn't work.

    i just want to open a file and it is ok , normal hope in fact ...


    i will stop buying vsl product , because no french forum, no french notice, no clear explication, it is not what i need for make music quicktly ....i would like just open and use, not so difficult if the product is clear