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  • Echo for Soprano and Orchestra

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    Here is another rendition of the poem by Christina Rossetti:


    It is part of a song-cycle I did called "Earth and Paradise."

    It is performed by Lori Trustman, soprano, and entirely VSL in the accompaniment. A slightly older recording I want to re-mix, but have not gotten to yet!

  • Very Beautiful William, really well done. The harmony and line are very moving, but not overly cloying - not always easy to achieve. Nice singing too, very musical and sensitive to your phrasing.

    Make sure you re-mix it to your satisfaction, it deserves it.
  • Bill you know this is one of my favourites, even though it's hard to pick from such a lovely collection of great songs.

  • Thanks Mike and Errikos.  

    This was performed once by a live orchestra - a full chamber orchestra - with the same soprano, and it was always difficult to keep the orchestra quiet enough so as not to overbalance the voice.  So I have thought of doing a chamber version rather than orchestra, using just one string player on each part and a smaller wind group. 

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