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  • Thinking about taking the plunge on the Vienna Super Package - Some questions:

    So, given that the Super Package is quite an invesment, how does one go about reselling if they need to liquidate?

    Also, when buying the full package, does the current sale on extended libraries (40% off) apply to this?

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    Hi VirtualVirgin,

    Thanks for your interest in our Vienna Super Package!
    I'll be happy to help you take the plunge. 😊

    Other than many other sample library companies, we do allow a resale of our products, if a few terms are met. The procedure is pretty straight forward. Most importantly, you need to announce the resale to us, and a license transfer fee of 10% of the list price (at the time of the resale) has to be paid for the resale. Please also note that we don't allow you to announce a resale in our own forums, or resales on auction platforms like eBay.

    As for your other question: Yes, the 40% off on the Extended Library in June also applies to the Vienna Super Package Full Library! This is already reflected in the prices that show up in our web shop for the Vienna Super Package. The regular price for the Super Package Extended Library upgrade is €3,995, with the 40% off that's €2,397. With the Standard Library, €7,835, the total of the Full Library is €10,232 instead of the regular €12,090.
    Click on the small 'i' next to 'Your Price' on the product page for more details on how the price is calculated. You will also get an upgrade discount for the VSL products you already have, so your price is only €9,770. 😉

    You might also want to check out our introductory promo on our newest library, Synchron Percussion I, which is not included in the Vienna Super Package yet (price will increase after implementation on July 1st). This purchase in June would also qualify you for a free MIR RoomPack 6 - Synchron Stage Vienna, of our unique, world-class recording facility in Vienna.

    Hope that helps with your decision!
    Let me know if you have any further questions.


  • How long is the extended library sale on for?

  • The promotional offer on the Extended Libraries ends tomorrow, June 30th. 
    Best, Stefan

  • Is the Super Package product download only?

  • No, you can also get the samples with our Vienna Hard Drive, at an extra EUR 115.
    The option to add the Vienna Hard Drive will shop up in the basket after you added e.g. the Vienna Super Package to your basket.

    The Vienna Hard Drive is an external 2 TB USB drive that contains the library installation files (*.cab files) for all of the existing Vienna Instruments Collections. Instead of downloading the sample database of the products you’re purchasing you may opt for additional physical delivery. Still, all of the products you’ve purchased will always remain available for download at MyDOWNLOADS. The Vienna Hard Drive does not include any Serial Numbers.