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  • VE Pro 6 + Logic 10.3.1 crash on launch

    Hi all,

    I'm encountering a strange bug lately :

    • VE Pro 6 Server 64 bits latest version open, Logic Pro X 10.3.1 launch = VE Pro server crash. 
    • Trying to open VEPro 6 server project from menu or double click on .vesp file = VE Pro 6 crash
    • Opening VE Pro server and creating an empty instance, then loading a .vesp file = it works
    • Opening VE Pro server, creating an empty instance, then opening Logic Pro X = works too.

    Has anybody encountered the same problem ? Thank you for sharing your experience :-)

    Jean-Louis Hennequin,  Mentor Trainer Logic Pro X EMEIA

  • Hello jeanlouishennequin, 

    Sounds like something in the server project is crashing upon load. 

    Please send the crash reports to, we will take a look!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL